Mentor Visits - Changing lives one child at a time!

How much does it cost to change a life?  8 hours a month and a year commitment.

Arizonans for Children Mentors have the ability to be the difference in the life of a child in foster care.

Mentor extraordinaire Kathy has formed such a bond with her "Master Mentee"!  For over a year she has picked him up from his foster placement and spent quality time with him doing things he otherwise miss out on like a day at the Arizona Museum of Natural History.

When a friend gave Kathy tickets she was able to take her Master Menee and learn all about dinosaurs!

In Kathy's words:

"It was a dinosaur date day! 🦕🦖Thanks to Krista for giving me tickets, Master Mentee and I could enjoy a wonderful day at Arizona Museum of Natural History! The museum is AMAZING! Thanks to Arizonans for Children, mentoring a child in foster care is made possible. Volunteer. Mentoring a minimum of 8 hrs a month can make a difference in a child’s life."

What a gift Kathy is to this little guy!  The …

Holiday Volunteer Ideas - Let's Make the Season Magical!

I always start reflecting and remembering past holidays this time of year.  Some with not so great memories and some with a warm heart and laughter.

For a couple years when my kids were young the family that owned the company I worked for invited us to their family Christmas party.  Raising my kids as a single mother things were often financially tight, I was tired all the time and we seemed to always be hurrying somewhere.  But the years we went to this party stand out in my mind because in all the drama and chaos of a divorce and the holidays themselves I can still see my kids being a part of their traditions, I can hear their laughter and remember their smiles and hugs.
My kids got to "pull" taffy, go caroling in the neighborhood, participate in a white elephant gift exchange and sing along to the 12 Days of Christmas.  It's that 12 Days of Christmas song time that stands out the most.  The family divided into groups and each group sang the part of one of the days.  …

Wrapping with Bank of America

Volunteers from Bank of America were our first "wrappers" of the holiday season!
The Arizonans for Children Annual Holiday Party for kids in foster care takes a lot of care and planning and even more volunteers.
We got so much accomplished today!  From starting wrapping to Christmas tree inspection.

The entire front of our MEC (Mesa Education Center) looked like a Christmas tree farm!
Have you seen the video from the party last year? Click here to watch the video!

If you would like to help wrap or hold a toy drive please contact Laura at 

Together we can make the holidays Merry and Bright for kids in the foster care system!

Tuesday Toy Drive Challenge = Foster Kids Win!

Tuesday's Toy Drive Challenge is  Volunteer Tracey's Barbie Accessories vs  Volunteer Treacey's Skateboard!

Arizonans for Children Amazon Wish List

Arizonans for Children Amazon Wish List

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Donations can be shipped to or dropped off at either Visitation Center:
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1112 W. Camelback Rd, Phoenix AZ 85013 M-F 9-6, Sat 10-2
1020 N Horne, Mesa AZ 85203 M-F 10-6, Sat 10-2 Together we can make the holidays magical for kids in foster care!
In case you haven't seen it - watch the video from the Arizonans for Children Annual Holiday Party from last year.   Arizonans for Children Holiday Party Video

Who will help Arizonans for Children collect toys and gifts for kids in the foster care system by hanging up a flyer? Clicking share is a super easy way to help make the holidays magical for these kids!