National Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy, Mateys! It be National Talk Like a Pirate Day!
To celebrate, we will share with ye a few terms fer you to use today!

Ahoy: Hello!  Avast: A command to stop Aye: Yes! Booty: Spoils from plunder/treasure Buccaneer: Term for a pirate, usually from the 1600s Cap'n: Captain Chantey: A song Cutlass: A type of sword used by pirates Doubloon: A gold coin Fer: For Jolly Roger: The popular skull and crossbones flag Kraken: A legendary sea monster Land lubber: A person who doesn't have much  experience at sea Mutiny: To revolt, usually against the captain Peg leg: A wooden leg Plunder: To take whatever you want Port: The left side of the ship Scallywag: A scamp, or rascal Sea dog: A pirate who is older and experienced Starboard: The right side of the ship Swab the deck: To mop the deck of the ship Swashbuckler: A daredevil Walk the plank: Walking the ship's plank until you  plunged into the sea Ye/Yer: You/Your

Offering comfort and guidance at Arizonans for Children

Arizonans for Children provides many services for children in foster care.We have 2 Visitation Centers where kids come to spend time with their parents and siblings in a fun, vibrant, engaging, educational, safe and supervised environment.Many times, a visit at our center is the first time a child has seen their parent since the trauma that has brought them in to care.Can you imagine the uncertainty?The fear? The hope?
The Visitation Centers are set up like a home setting with big deep comfy sofa’s, soft comforting music in the background, thousands of books to choose from, games, movies, activities and of course food.This allows the child to direct the visit and set the parameters for their comfort.They can choose where to go in the center whether that is to play pool or ping pong or to the dining hall for a meal or even the kitchen to cook together.Each area of the centers is set up for bonding and engaging.
Arizonans for Children is a small non-profit with a BIG impact.Each of our…

Wells Fargo Celebration Day at Arizonans for Children

Kids in foster care miss out on a lot of special occasions with their family.  Today Wells Fargo volunteers hosted a "Celebration Day" for the families visiting the Arizonans for Children Mesa Visitation Center.

These volunteers celebrated with a little one that turns 8 on Wednesday and her family.  They played party games with everyone on site and dished up ice cream and cake.  There were a lot of happy memories made this afternoon by some folks that care enough to take a couple hours out of their day.

Arizonans for Children has 2 Visitation Centers where kids in foster care come to spend time with their parents and siblings in a fun, warm, comforting and safe environment.  Happy times like a Celebration Day all kids to create new memories of time with their parents and that allows them to heal from what ever trauma brought them in to the foster care system.  

We could not do what we do without volunteers so thank you Wells Fargo for making this Monday special!  Today you help…

Become a S.T.A.R. Volunteer!

Arizonans for Children S.T.A.R. (Story Time and Reading) Volunteers come to either Visitation Center and read stories. If a parent was never read to they might not understand the value and connection story time offers. Volunteers model the behavior and encourage the parents and children to read together. Very flexible volunteer opportunity! Stop by on your lunch break, after work or school, on Saturdays.  Open to volunteers of all ages!
Start the process to become a S.T.A.R. today! 💫
Arizonans for Children Phoenix Visitation Center is located at 1112 W. Camelback Road, Phoenix AZ 85013 and is open Monday - Friday from 9-6 and Saturdays 10-2
Arizonans for Children Mesa Visitation Center is located at 1020 N. Horne, Mesa AZ 85203 and is open Monday-Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-2 (housed in Desert Heritage Church)

Volunteer Opportunities Abound at Arizonans for Children!

On a typical Saturday at Arizonans for Children our community comes together to volunteer to Help Families Heal.

On 9/15/2018 we had volunteers at our Phoenix Visitation Center set up a variety of board games and encourage the families on site to play and engage.

"It's "Family Game Day" at Arizonans for Children! From Connect Four to Chutes & Ladders to Candy Land...good old fashion fun on a hot, hot day!
It started with an idea from Mikaela and Tracey executed it! Our interns are finding ways to make a difference. Parents and children are conversing, laughing, and creating new memories. Have a beautiful weekend!" posted on Facebook by our Director of Supervised Visits Andrea Chavez
There were 2 volunteer projects happening today at the Arizonans for Children MEC (Mesa Education Center). The Arizonans for Children STEM Pi-oneer program utilizes Raspberry Pi technology to give kids in foster care access to technology.  Today we had our "Scratch" work…

Fry's Rewards Supporting Arizonans for Children

Thank you to the 10 households that helped improve the lives of the children Arizonans for Children serves! Helping Families Heal is as simple as connecting your Fry's Food Stores Rewards card to Arizonans for Children! How wonderful! Want to be the difference? Link your Fry's Rewards card today and shop!

Meet Resilient Me & The Arizonans for Children Mentor Program

Arizonans for Children and Resilient Me invite you to The Arizonans for Children Phoenix Visitation Center to learn more about how Resilient Me can help prepare kids in care for independent living and overcoming trauma.
Arizonans for Children Mentor Coordinators will be on site to talk about the benefits of having a Mentor for a child in care and how to get the kids you serve matched with one.
Open to all group home staff:
When:      Thursday September 27, 2018                  6:00pm
Where:     Arizonans for Children Phoenix Visitation Center                 1112 W. Camelback Rd, Phoenix AZ 85013
Dinner and desert will be provided.