Visitation Centers and Sack Meals - Helping Families Heal

As families in the foster care system work towards reunification keeping the family bond is crucial.  Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers allow the families to meet in a neutral, fun, vibrant, engaging, safe and supervised environment.

There are 2 Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers with the hopes of a 3rd opening in the West Valley.  Each of the centers has between 700-1000 visits every week....think about that...700-1000 visits every single week.

Have you been to one of the centers?  It has taken some time but since the start of 2019 we have seen wonderfully positive changes.  Volunteers and staff that embrace the welcoming and judgement free atmosphere!  You can feel the difference just walking in the doors.

Here is a peak at the inside of the Arizonans for Children Phoenix Visitation Center:

Father's Day at Arizonans for Children

Father's Day

Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers celebrate every holiday with the families on site.  This week we honored the fathers.  Dads that are trying to reunify and make sure their children are part of their lives.

We see dads brushing doll hair, down on the floor encouraging their little ones to take the first steps, reading stories, enjoying meals together, laughing, playing and creating memories that will last a lifetime-memories that heal.

"In the last hour of this duo's visit, I over heard them sigh when they didn't see chocolate cake as an option. I let them know I'm sure we had some and brought out a fresh cake for them. I'm not sure who had the biggest or his daughter. Thanks to Cafe Valley Bakery, we have many options to feed those with a sweet tooth! The two gobbled up their cake. Dad was unaware Father's Day was coming up....I let him know it's a day to recognize all the fabulous dads....just like him. Happy Father…