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Breaking News!

BREAKING NEWS!  Healthy Mason Jar just announced they will provide a FREE meal with a toy for the Arizonans for Children Annual Holiday Party for kids in foster care! (while supplies last)

On Saturday November 17th from 2:00-4:00 Arizonans for Children will be collecting toys for the Annual Holiday Party for children in foster care.  Each year about 1000 kids attend this party and it is often the only holiday type event they get to experience.

Stop by the Arizonans for Children Mesa Visitation Center with a toy, have a meal, do a craft activity and visit with Santa!

When:  Saturday November 17th

Where: Arizonans for Children Mesa Visitation Center
            1020 N.Horne, Mesa AZ 85203 
             (housed in Desert Heritage Church)

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Arizonans for Children Annual Holiday Party for Kids in Foster Care

For years Arizonans for Children has held an annual holiday party for children in foster care, often times this party is the only holiday type event these kids get to experience.

Think about this.....for most of the kids this party signifies another year in "the system" so we work to make it the most memorable time they can have.  

Every child and caregiver that come to the party will have a full holiday meal of turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing and more! 

After eating the kids move to the gym where there is a DJ, Santa, Star Wars characters, dancing, games and most importantly sibling visits.  There are sibling groups that are placed in different foster and group homes that get to see each other and have the holiday together at this party.

All of the kids that come to this party get a bag of gifts!  Every bag has a made blanket, a book and a stuffed animal along with 3-5 really fantastic gifts that are all individually wrapped.  With this being the only holiday…

How to Design an Autism-Friendly Bedroom for Your Child - by Jenny Wise

There are many children in foster care on the autism spectrum.  This article written by Jenny Wise offers great insight and tools for decorating an autism-friendly bedroom. 
The trauma kids in foster care experience; this information would be beneficial to every child in foster care.

How to Design an Autism-Friendly Bedroom for Your Child
When you are setting up a child’s bedroom, you are likely thinking about comfort and safety. While both are very important for any little one, If your child is on the autism spectrum, you may have a few more elements to consider. Children on the spectrum can be sensitive to sensory stimuli, like color, sound and even light, so make sure they feel relaxed and secure in their bedroom by following these setup steps. Keep Dust, Pollutants and Smoke Out
So many children are affected by allergies and asthma, especially in the Southwest. Dry conditions and dust are common, and they can make it hard for kids to relax in their bedrooms. Furthermore, if anyone…

Saturday at Arizonans for Children

Saturdays are largely the busiest day for visits at Arizonans for Children and yesterday was packed at the Phoenix Visitation Center but not just with visits but a plethora of activities!

On a raining Saturday without access to the playground, the families we so happy to see Geno come in the door!  They danced to The Time Wrap and did all kids of fun moves to Halloween themed songs.  It was absolutely FANTASTIC!

Geno - Let's do the Time Warp again!

The winning Mentor/mentee Little Library theme team came by to start the painting process for our new Community Little Library.  Theme: Books Keep Imagination Going.
The Mentor and mentee did a fantastic job of illustrating and bringing this library to life. I cannot wait to see the final project!!

The Arizonans for Children STEM Pi-oneers class was happy to learn about the various brain parts and functions before they started to learn the programming language Python.

Donation from the Heart!

One of the most loved and used toys at the Arizonans for Children Phoenix Visitation Center are the Little Tikes cars. Hundreds of kids play with them every week, kids in foster care and children with supervised visits.
Yesterday we received a donation of 4 new cars!! These came from a family that had visits at our center and the father said during a time when everyone was against him he was happy to come where he felt safe and that everyone was neutral. He loves that families have a place like Arizonans for Children to come to. The 4 new cars are ready to help create healing memories, the 4 these replaced are now living on the playground for families to enjoy outside.

So many healing memories made!   From babies cruising around to older kids racing their siblings throughout the center.  

As much as these cars are loved at the Arizonans for Children Phoenix Visitation Center we do not have any at our Mesa Visitation Center.  These cars last forever so if you have a gently loved Cozy Coupe …

What are Specular and Diffuse Reflection? Featuring Arizonans for Children


Eagle Projects with Arizonans for Children

The impact scouts have on the nonprofit world is substantial and today Arizonans for Children saw the impact of a true leadership project!

In early summer of 2018 during a STEM Pi-oneer class I became aware of two 15 year old boys that could not write their names.  Neither have an IEP or 504plan or identified disability.  Let's think about that for a less than 3 years these boys will age out of the foster care system and be on their own.  How will they ever survive?  Will they both become another statistic and end up in prison?

About the same time as this I saw a Facebook post about an auction selling Community Little Libraries that has been painted by local artists.  I decided to bid on two of them, one for each of our visitation centers.  Unfortunately for me but fortunate for the beneficiary of the auction I was quickly outbid on both.

Arizonans for Children long time volunteer and former wood shop teacher Mike Sublette saw my Facebook posts about wanting Communit…

National Stop Bullying Day

Children in foster care are often bullied. Every time they change a placement, every time they start a new school, every new environment they become can be targets of bullying. Arizonans for Children Mentors become the one person in a child in foster care can depend on to not bully them. They are the person that takes this child out of the foster placement offering respite, compassion and caring. These Mentors stick with the child from placement to placement.
Parents working towards reunification are often shamed and harassed....bullied.
The Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers are judgement free spaces that allow the parents, children and siblings bond without shame and or embarrassment.
Today is National Stop Bullying Day - Today and everyday at Arizonans for Children we demonstrate this with zero gossip tolerance policies, no threats or reprimands. We offer a safe judgement free atmosphere every single day for everyone that walks in our doors.
Together we are the difference. www.a…

"Jane" met her mentor this past Saturday!!!

Thank you Michelle for opening your life and time to "Jane"! We appreciate
you and know you are going to be a special support for her future success.

"Johnny" met his mentors last week!!!

Thank you Brittany, Joshua, and Liliana for opening your life to "Johnny"
and being his mentor. The support and time you give him is priceless!

Forever In Our Hearts - our "Cutest Monkey EVER!"

All of us at Arizonans for Children were absolutely devastated to learn of the death of  "The Cutest Monkey EVER!"

The Parent Aid that supervised visits between this baby and his mother and siblings came to me asking if we could hang his picture at our center.  We have it up and will keep it there forever as he is forever in our hearts.

We hear news stories of kids being abused and neglected, we see those children.  I cannot imagine having the job or the decisions that go along with it.  Arizonans for Children cannot control what happens before and after time at our Visitation Centers but what we can do is ensure the time the families spend with us is as wonderful as possible.

In the words of this Parent Aid "his time spent at the center were happier times in his short life."

We are going to have our Arizonans for Children Costume Closet in honor of this life lost far too soon.  The centers will be filled with pirates and princesses, skunks and skeletons, Batman a…