End of Year Giving - STEM Pi-oneer

When I first started working with children in foster care I was shocked to realize that many kids have zero access to technology in their group homes or foster placements. How are they doing homework without access to technology?

When the need becomes apparent, Arizonans for Children finds a way to meet the need. We started the STEM Pi-oneer class that upon completion of a series of classes the child takes the entire computer system with them. A fully functioning micro computer called a Raspberry Pi, a monitor, mouse and key board to every single child that completes the class series!
In the class the kids build/assemble their Pi, learn basic programming languages, explore the vast functionality of the computer all while having workshops and presentations on things like neuroscience, financial literacy and internet safety and security.
Arizonans for Children goal - every school age child in the foster care system have their own computer system.
There are several ways you can help support this program:
Shop the Arizonans for Children Amazon Wish List - we need HDMI/VGA Adapters and multi port micro USB (right now the USB hub is the highest priority.)
You can help by providing lunch for the kids during the classes. A sack lunch, pizza, casserole - Anything! We can also use drinks for the classes.
We can use volunteers to sit with the kids and help through the class.
In Arizona you can claim the AZ Foster Care Tax Credit - a dollar for dollar credit towards what you might owe to the state that allows you to decide where your tax dollars go. Up to $500 if you file as single and up to $1000 if you file a joint return.
Outside of Arizona your donations are tax deductible.
And you can designate those funds towards the STEM program!
You can be a part of helping a child in the foster care system succeed!


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