No Amber Alert Today....

No Amber Alert Today…..

We see a lot of wonderful things at the Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers and quite a bit of heartbreaking things as well.  Today was devastatingly heartbreaking.  A mom tried to kidnap her children from the center.  
We don’t know what brought this family to our center or what circumstances made her feel this was her only option but today those kids suffered due to her actions. 
Fortunately for everyone involved the kids are safe. They are safe thanks to the parent aid that called for security as she continued to try to de-escalate, Phoenix Fire who just happened to be driving by and witnessed everything, volunteers that helped whisk the kids to safety and our security guard that restrained the mother until Phoenix Police arrived.
I went to talk to the kids to see how they were after all emergency services left and the first thing the youngest said to me was “I’m sorry my mom hit you.”
These kids have scrapes, bruising and scratches on them but they were worried about me.

I cried the entire drive home.  Not because of my aches and pains but for these boys and what they endured today.

A year ago in Tucson a DCS case worker was tased and duct taped to a tree, the parents taking their children and going to Mexico.
Now I can’t help but think about how glad I am for the kids from today; that they were on site for their visit at Arizonans for Children’s Visitation Center.  Every single person that stopped this abduction is a hero.  Kuddos to the Parent Aid, to Jackson our security guard, to Felice, Victoria and Savanna our volunteers (and any other that helped) and Phoenix Fire and Phoenix Police. 

Amber Alert…..Not today.

We had a lot of good happen today too so let's focus on that.

Scout Austin continued to work on his Eagle project.  His volunteers created this stunning living art. Stop by and take a picture in front of this amazing mural!  Share it with us on social media.

Mr. Sunshine’s Home Service spent the morning volunteering their time by replacing nonfunctional light fixtures!
Need electrical work done?  Support local businesses that support our community!

Mentor Coordinator Monique hosted a paint party for Mentor and mentees!

We had a terrific Sack Meal donation delivered to our Mesa Visitation Center!

And at the end of the day, it is a really good thing that there was no need for an Amber Alert.

Parents who have children in the foster care system come to the Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers to spend time with their children as they work towards reunification.  We see many, many parents that work diligently to regain custody of their kids.
Sometimes the parents aren't ready to do what it takes to get their kids back.
Where ever the parents are in the process, the Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers offer safe, fun, non-judgmental spaces for healthy and happy memories to be created.....memories that can heal the trauma that has brought the children into state custody.


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