Never Give important message for those in the foster care system!

For families experiencing time in the foster care system it can be difficult to not give up.  Life lessons and gentle reminders are vital to the families we serve as well as the children in our Mentor program.

Never Give Up
Hello Kids!! Today I’m going to share a story about the thirsty crow. Once upon a time, a beautiful black
crow named Jack lived in the great Sahara Desert. As we know, water in the desert is always hard to find.
But our little friend Jack found a small pond beside a palm tree, where he lived, and drank water from it,
whenever he felt thirsty. One day, all the water from the pond got over and Jack was left with no water to
drink. Jack thought that the pond would fill itself again and he waited. After few days, he saw that the pond
was still empty. He thought to himself – “If I stay in the same place, then I will not be able to survive much
Jack decided to fly away in search for water. After hours of flying, he spotted a clay pot near a palm tree.
When he came down to see what was there in it, he began dancing with joy. There was some water in the
pot. He said to himself – “Finally, I can quench my thirst now!!”. When he lowered his beak to drink some
of it, he couldn’t reach down to it.  There was only little water in the pot and Jack’s beak was not long
enough. He continued trying but always failed to even get a drop. He said – “Will I ever get to drink water
again?”. Feeling sad, he flew to the palm tree nearby to rest. He saw that there were a lot of small little
pebbles lying around the palm tree. A wonderful idea struck Jack’s mind – “What if I drop some pebbles
into the pot? So, he dropped a pebble, and then another. As he dropped the pebbles, he saw the water
began to rise. The water rose to a level where his beak could reach. A relaxed Jack could finally breathe a
sigh of relief and enjoy the taste of the water!!
What does this short story teach all of us. The crow faced several difficulties. First, he saw that the water in
the pond had finished and he decided to leave the place where he had been staying for a long time. His will
to drink water made him go in search of it. He found the clay pot after hours of flying. This act of Jack shows
that “Where there is a will, there is always a way”. Even after he felt sad about not being able to drink the
water from the clay pot, he never gave up. He again found a way by dropping pebbles in order to raise the
level of water. As growing children, we may be happy on some days and sad on some other. But as long as
there is a will there is always a way to be happy. Never give up!!

Thank you for reading this. Hope you enjoyed it. See you soon on another blog. SMILE.
Submitted by:  Harshil


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