Father's Day at Arizonans for Children

Father's Day

Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers celebrate every holiday with the families on site.  This week we honored the fathers.  Dads that are trying to reunify and make sure their children are part of their lives.

We see dads brushing doll hair, down on the floor encouraging their little ones to take the first steps, reading stories, enjoying meals together, laughing, playing and creating memories that will last a lifetime-memories that heal.

"In the last hour of this duo's visit, I over heard them sigh when they didn't see chocolate cake as an option. I let them know I'm sure we had some and brought out a fresh cake for them. I'm not sure who had the biggest smile....dad or his daughter. Thanks to Cafe Valley Bakery, we have many options to feed those with a sweet tooth!
The two gobbled up their cake. Dad was unaware Father's Day was coming up....I let him know it's a day to recognize all the fabulous dads....just like him. Happy Father's Day to all the dads putting in the effort, we see it!!" from Andrea - Director of Supervised Visits

This dad....he is trying so hard.  His little boy adores him and the time they have together.  While they are on site this toddler is the dads sole focus.  The eat, they play, they snuggle, they read and they laugh.  
This little boy has the BEST laugh ever!  I can always tell when they are in the building and it never fails to make me smile.

This dad shared some of his story with me this week.  He's going to be famous one day with a YouTube channel about how dads matter.  I hope so.  If you could see his bond with his children it would melt your heart. 
"Dad carrying his little ones Peppa Pig bag. This family has a special bond and it's a joy to watch them engage. 
Keep moving forward dad! We believe in you."

Dads helping with art projects at Creative Club with Carolyn.  The dads love to learn and create as much as the children do!  

Although the daughter is on the phone in this picture, do you see the bling on her fathers wrist?  Dads are so creative and patient during jewelry making time with Bling Master Daphne.

"How a little book named Steve the Dung Beetle can make a big impact with a visit between a dad and his daughter - lots of fun and laughter while reading the book and making a yummy treat !!" from Pam Woods - Supervised Visits Coordinator

Have you read about Steve the Dung Beetle?  Find his story on Amazon!

We will often see and hear dads spending time with their children at the piano.  Music heals and the families have the best time creating music and memories together.

The Arizonans for Children Mentor Program fills in a lot of gaps in the lives of children in foster care.  Mentors frequently demonstrate life lessons and model parental behaviors.  
This mentee is lucky to have a positive male role model in his life that is introducing him to all sorts of new experiences.  From miniature golf to exploring faith and cultures.  

Not all dads we see are at the Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers to have time with their children.  We see wonderful fathers that encourage and support as their children decide to share their toys with the kids at our centers.

We see dads that help with volunteer projects.  It takes a lot of family support to complete an Eagle project and Austin was surrounded by support and encouragement from both his parents!

If you have been to either of the Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers then you have seen the welcoming environment.  
When a family experiences time in the foster care system the parents have every single person in their lives telling them what they are doing wrong....not at Arizonans for Children.  We welcome everyone, we do not judge, we smile and encourage and most important we believe in them.....and sometimes that is all it takes for them to believe in themselves.

Alone we can be the difference ~ together we can change their world.

If you would like to be part of Helping Families Heal consider volunteering and visit 

Keep trying dads - we believe in you!


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