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AZ Foster Care Tax Credit - still time to claim for 2018!

Did you know that you can still claim the 2018 AZ Foster Care Tax Credit?
This is a dollar for dollar credit on what you may owe the state of Arizona. $1000 if you file a joint return and $500 if you file as single! Claim your tax credits before they become extinct.
You have until April 15, 2019 to claim the 2018 tax credits! Arizonans for Children, Inc is a
501(c)3 Tax ID 02-0651198
qualifying Foster Care charitable
organization under the
AZ Income Tax Credit Program Please send checks to:
Arizonans for Children, Inc.
2435 E. La Jolla Drive
Tempe, AZ 85282 Or donate on line at:

PS...I Love You!

Telling someone you love them can change their day and even save their life. 
Today and every day at the Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers we create a healing atmosphere that encourages love and bonding.
Whatever trauma has brought the children to our centers, time spent here with their parents and siblings allows the creation of happy memories.....memories that heal.
We will have PS....I Love You craft projects on site for the next week 🥰
The sad truth is children in the foster care system are bullied. The parents have everyone in their lives telling them what they are doing wrong. Arizonans for Children strives every single day to lift the parents up, encourage them, tell them when they are doing something right. We welcome the kids, talking to them, smiling at them and offer classes, activities and workshops to make their lives as full as possible.
Share the love today and everyday! 
Want to help? Drop off Valentine's to either center.
Bring some treats. Come read a book on…

Commitment and 1 Caring Adult - From Statistic to Success

com·mit·ment Dictionary result for commitment /kəˈmitmənt/ noun 1. the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

As you sit at work, or school, or home, or in traffic stop and think about what life feels like to a child that is taken in to the foster care system.
Everything they know if their life changes.  It was for the safety and well being but that doesn't change the fact that everything they knew is gone from their lives. They start at a new school, they "live" with a new family with new rules.  Everything that was familiar and made them them is now gone.

The Arizonans for Children Mentor program matches volunteers from our community with school age children in the foster care system.  Our Mentors pick the child up from their foster placement and take them out into the community.  The Mentor commits to the child, just 8 hours a month.   8 hours a month is enough to form a secure bond - something these children desperately need.
A child that has a Mentor…