Commitment and 1 Caring Adult - From Statistic to Success


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    the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

As you sit at work, or school, or home, or in traffic stop and think about what life feels like to a child that is taken in to the foster care system.

Everything they know if their life changes.  It was for the safety and well being but that doesn't change the fact that everything they knew is gone from their lives.
They start at a new school, they "live" with a new family with new rules.  Everything that was familiar and made them them is now gone.  

The Arizonans for Children Mentor program matches volunteers from our community with school age children in the foster care system.  Our Mentors pick the child up from their foster placement and take them out into the community.  The Mentor commits to the child, just 8 hours a month.  
8 hours a month is enough to form a secure bond - something these children desperately need.

A child that has a Mentor will have:

*Better behavior
*Improvement in grades and attendance
*Increase is self worth and self esteem

Just 8 hours a month will change their life.

Being a Mentor to a child in foster care is not an easy volunteer opportunity.  A Mentor may not feel appreciated by the child and it may appear the child doesn't have interest in having a Mentor.  Those are the kids that need a Mentor the very most.  They push people away before they can be abandoned.....again.

Watch the Josh Shipp video - "Every kids is one caring adult away from being a success story"

A Mentor gives the child a sense of value, the warmth of knowing someone cares and is willing to spend time with them.

8 hours a month - that's the cost to change a life.  Are you ready?  Can you commitment to the child?

Together we can be the difference and help these kids go from statistic to success.


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