Mentor Visits - Changing lives one child at a time!

How much does it cost to change a life?  8 hours a month and a year commitment.

Arizonans for Children Mentors have the ability to be the difference in the life of a child in foster care.

Mentor extraordinaire Kathy has formed such a bond with her "Master Mentee"!  For over a year she has picked him up from his foster placement and spent quality time with him doing things he otherwise miss out on like a day at the Arizona Museum of Natural History.

When a friend gave Kathy tickets she was able to take her Master Menee and learn all about dinosaurs!

In Kathy's words:

"It was a dinosaur date day! 🦕🦖Thanks to Krista for giving me tickets, Master Mentee and I could enjoy a wonderful day at Arizona Museum of Natural History! The museum is AMAZING! Thanks to Arizonans for Children, mentoring a child in foster care is made possible. Volunteer. Mentoring a minimum of 8 hrs a month can make a difference in a child’s life."

What a gift Kathy is to this little guy!  The very best gift of all...the gift of time!

Thank you Kathy!

If you would like to know more about becoming a Mentor please visit:

or email on of our Mentor Coordinators:

Jeff (West Valley) -

Tim (East Valley) -

Monique (North Valley) -


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