Being an Intern at Arizonans for Children

Interns are an amazing asset to Arizonans for Children and the families we serve.  My schedule isn't very conducive to taking on an intern but after one email exchange with then potential intern Olivia and I knew I needed to bring her on board.

Olivia spent this past semester learning all aspects of Arizonans for Children.  She learned about and excelled in the vital role of reception volunteer.  Olivia understands that the very first person a family or Parent Aid interacts with sets the tone for the entire visit.  Her warm and welcoming smile and demeanor carry over into a warm, loving visit for the families.  She became a role model to other interns and volunteers on how to create a loving, non-judgmental reception welcome all while finding various ways of process improvement and ensuring agency needs were met.

Olivia spent time learning to value and patience of supervising visits; another role she has excelled at.
From our Director of Supervised Visits Andrea:
"Olivia is great and I rarely give all high marks, but for her I would. I could go on an on, but here is some feedback
-reports were submitted on time and were done accurately
-she caught on quickly
-she was friendly, inviting, and professional
-she appeared eager to learn and eager to help
-positive attitude
-quick with communication; clear, concise both in person and in writing
-gets along well with her peers, clients, kiddos, and staff
-had no issues taking on difficult clients
-always had a smile on her face
-role model for other volunteers
-asks questions when she's unsure
-helped with recruiting events
-never tardy and never called out"

Olivia will start the next phase of her internship developing and facilitating a sustainable literacy program, our S.T.A.R. (Story Time and Reading) program.
Olivia will help recruit volunteers who want to help.  With many varying levels of volunteer opportunities from stopping by one of the Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers and reading with the families on site to developing curriculum for increased literacy competency and everything in between.

I cannot wait to see how far Olivia takes this program!  All with a benefit to the families we serve.

If you would like to volunteer for the STAR program please go to and fill out a volunteer application listing STAR as the volunteer opportunity.  

Together we can help families heal!


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