Foster Care Awareness Month May Be Over but......

The work we do at Arizonans for Children never stops.  We try every single day to improve the lives of the children and families we serve.

May is Foster Care Awareness Month
Arizonans for Children would not be nearly as effective without the fantastic team we have.

Andrea is the Director of Supervised Visits at Arizonans for Children and so much more. Her dedication to ensuring children get to spend time with their parents in unwavering and where we all should strive to be.
Andrea defines the Arizonans for Children mission and lives it every single day. She leads by example and isn't afraid to get down in the trenches. Andrea comes up with the best ideas and suggestions; from redefining volunteer and intern roles to Wacky Wednesday. She is a natural leader and motivates by gently lifting others and finding their strengths.
Arizonans for Children would not be what it is today without Andrea.
Andrea, no matter how you pronounce her name is the wackiest of us all, winner of the golden plunger award, non-judgmental, someone to look up to, always there when we need her and truly one of a kind.

Belen is an absolute delight to work with. She has a calming nature and gets things done without fail. I know that I can mention something once and she's got it and what a comfort that is!
In the chaos of the visitation centers, Belen is the calm in the storm. The families adore her and the kids seek comfort from her when uncertainty surrounds them.
So thank you Belen for being the exceptional co-worker you are. Belen = dependable, compassionate, non-judgmental, welcoming, friendly, calm and collected as well as fantastic tamale maker and goat yoga queen!

Many of you have met Mentor Outreach Coordinator Jeff who systematically works to Clear The Wait List of children waiting to be matched with a volunteer Mentor. A single conversation with Jeff and you can tell just how committed he is to improving the lives of these children.
Jeff is not only a Mentor Outreach Coordinator - he is a volunteer Mentor to 2 teens in care. These kids are so lucky to have him in their lives! We see pictures of fishing adventures, hear about various life lessons including budgeting and feel the genuine care and compassion Jeff has for these kids.
So thank you Jeff! Mentor Coordinator, Mentor, Best Selfie Taker of the bunch! Creative genius behind the dance videos and FANTASTIC toilet plunger!

Monique is a Mentor Outreach Coordinator and has changed the narrative for the North Valley for the Arizonans for Children Mentor program. She has brought new and creative ideas to increase awareness for volunteer need and it has paid off!
One thing I value most about Monique is that when I ask for help with something she doesn't come up with reasons why she can't, she finds a way to make it happen. She thinks outside the box while methodically doing the job requirements to perfection.
If you happen by the Arizonans for Children Phoenix Visitation Center stop by and see Monique's Harry Potter themed office and Monique's Craft Corner. She brings brightness, creativity and beauty to our center.
Monique = best dog mama, puts together hilarious staff lunch games, should be on the British Baking Show and someone I am proud to call a team member. Thank you for being you Monique,

Pam is our Supervised Visits Coordinator and holds the weekends at the Arizonans for Children Phoenix Visitation Center together. She easily slips into whatever role is required. From host to security and everything in between.
Pam has a calm directness that is comforting to the families. She keeps order all with a beautiful smile. We have had to move her work station a million times and she just goes with the flow and sets up her her spot. But no matter how many times we move her around she has a home at Arizonans for Children honestly we do not ever want to be without her!
Pam has the best stories EVER!, is a yummy brownie maker, always calm, cool and collected and valued team member. Thank you for all you do Pamela!!

Say Hello to Taylor - our newest team member. Taylor is our Visitation Center Coordinator. With just a few days under her belt she has grasped the job and tackled some of the more challenging aspects with grace and aplomb.
Saturdays can be crazy at the Visitation Centers! Add in 2 BIG Eagle projects it could have been overwhelming for someone seasoned let alone someone new but Taylor jumped in without waiting to be asked, she coordinated, she asked direct and to the point questions than professionally relayed the information. With a smile and a welcome for every single person that walked through the doors, Taylor set the tone for the entire day. The missing piece to our puzzle.....sure seems like it!
Thank you Taylor for taking a chance on Arizonans for Children. In these past few days we have been impressed with your organizational skills, your Baby Shark dancing talent and that you embraced Wacky Wednesday!

This is Tim and he is our East Valley Mentor Outreach Coordinator. This role was a complete shift in gears for Tim but one that I just knew he would excel at. From his very first day at Arizonans for Children seeing him stop and tell a dad how cute his baby was just proved what a great fit he would be.
Tim has a great skill for matching volunteer Mentors with a child in foster care that needs someone to believe in them.
He is a fantastic team player and will jump in to help where ever the need.
Tim is the best at finding the positive, sharing cute Emily (his pup) videos, lugging donations around and picking up food donations and always a good sport in the fun ideas we have!

Our team is great because you are part of it. Alone you can be the difference ~ together we are changing their world!

Have you wanted to make a difference in the lives of children in foster care?  Arizonans for Children has many volunteer opportunities!

Ask us how!

Visitation Center Host & Supervised Visits -

Mentor -

Eagle Projects -

Clean and Sanitize group projects -

STAR Story Time and Reading -

Donation Drives -
     *School Supplies needed for Back 2 School Bash in July
     *Disinfecting supplies always needed
     *Winter coats - needed for annual holiday party distribution in December
     *Toys & wrapping paper - Annual Holiday party

Have an idea for a volunteer project or opportunity?


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