A Weekend of Arizonans for Children - Easter!

Spring was in the air last weekend at Arizonans for Children!  We had egg hunts at both Visitation Centers so that the families on site can create happy memories and share the Easter experience.

From Visitation Center Coordinator Paige "I wish I was able to record the little boy who cams running outside yelling “EEEGGGGGSSSS”🥚 Little kids, big kids, only blue egg loving kids - the Easter Egg Hunt at our Mesa Visitation Center was a huge success! No one left without a smile on their face today 🐰

Holidays are another milestone of time spent in the foster care system.  Thanks to our community and their generosity we can help make them memorable and fun.

Arizonans for Children Mentor Kathy has 2 mentees.  2 little boys in foster care.  Kathy spends time with these boys taking them out for fun activities and experiencing new things.  She has changed their lives by showing them there is someone that will be there when they say they will.  

From Kathy "My friend Pamela Culp and I spent the afternoon with Master Mentee & his brother who will now be known as The Mentee Brothers. After a few weeks a bond has been made mentoring both boys and their behaviors are improving. This is a life changing experience for all of us. We anxiously await to see what adventures lie ahead! Volunteer."

Saturday was a day full of fun for so many of the children we serve!  The Arizonans for Children Phoenix Visitation Center held a wonderful dance class facilitated by Miss Yavapai County - Dimon Sanders!

We get so many requests for dance classes.  Dance is a great way to focus energy and a fantastic outlet for the kids.  This class was something the kids will never forget!

One day I got a phone call from Pastor Tim at Cross Roads Church Casa Grande asking if we would like to come to a concert event.  There were going to be several thousand people attending, people that want to make a difference in the lives of children in the foster care system.

We have over 100 children on the wait list to get a volunteer mentor so of course I said YES and thank you!!

We were able to invite our Mentors with their mentees and foster placements to attend the concert as well!

Our team spoke with thousands of people last Saturday but 3 stand out in my mind.  I met 3 teens just prior to the event starting.  All 3 had spent time in foster care.  They shared their stories with me.  One having been abused by a step-parent then suffering far worse abuse in the various foster placements.  One had parents with substance abuse problems.  All 3 have since been reunified and said that is where they are supposed to be.  Each with harsh reminders that will last a lifetime of their time in care and the events that brought them to that place in their lives.

These teens want to make a difference in the lives of other teens that still languish in the child welfare system and I believe they will.  I spoke with them about volunteering at our Visitation Centers and all 3 had visits with their parents and siblings.  Once they have cars they plan to become Visitation Center Hosts.

Our community is amazing and the difference these volunteers make will last a lifetime and beyond.

If you would like to start the process of volunteering with Arizonans for Children fill out the application:

Thank you to every single person that made the weekend special!


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