Be The Difference!

Every single day we each have the chance to make a difference. Every single day we each decide what that difference will be. That choice is yours and yours alone. Do you lift someone up or make a difference choice?
Every single day there are a million different ways to be the positive difference!
Here are just a few that impact the families and children we serve at Arizonans for Children:
Volunteer - there are so many volunteer opportunities at Arizonans for Children! Something for everyone.
Host - Welcome families, set the tone for the visit and ensure the environment is safe & healthy.
Mentor - 8 hours a month and a year commitment to a child in foster care will literally change lives.
STAR - Story Time and Reading literacy. Stop by either center and read with the families.
Food - food is always a comfort and help ease tensions during visits. Pack sack lunches, make cookies, have pizza delivered.
Classes - Hold a class at either center. Dance, yoga, arts & crafts, martial arts.....anything!
The very easiest way to make a difference is to share the Arizonans for Children posts! Click share now!!!
Come to the Phoenix center for a tour and introduction to the agency! My email is lets set a time for you to stop by.

Claim the AZ Foster Care Tax Credit - $500 if you file as single, $1000 for a joint return.

Hang a volunteer's needed flyer - ask me and I will send you one.

Everyone has the power to be a positive difference - let's do it!


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