You Decide Where Your Tax Dollars Go!

You have until midnight tonight to claim the AZ Foster Care Tax Credit for 2018. This is a dollar for dollar tax credit on what you may owe the state of Arizona.
As of February 2019 there are 13,792 children in the Arizona foster care system.
Between July 1, 2018 - January 31, 2019 8,248 children were removed from their homes in Maricopa County.

The Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers are where many of these children will have visits with their parents and siblings as they work towards reunification.
Did you know that Arizonans for Children is not state or federally funded at all?
Did you know that every service provided to families experiencing time in foster care is completely FREE? Arizonans for Children doesn't charge foster placements, group homes, any caregiver, DCS or the parent aid agencies.
Did you know there are several different types of AZ Tax Credits and you can claim them all?
Up to $500 if you file as single and up to $1000 for joint returns
You decide where your tax dollars go!


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