WearMe Pro - Changing the lives of children in foster care!

I don't remember how we connected but meeting the folks from WearMe Pro has been life changing, especially for the children we serve at Arizonans for Children - kids in the foster care system.

For a couple years now WearMe Pro has donated thousands of sun glasses to Arizonans for Children.  We have given them out at our Annual Holiday Party for kids in foster care for 2 years in a row and this year at the Foster Festival at Enchanted Island Amusement Park.  The WearMe Pro table was always full of kids choosing the perfect pair.  They even brought the WearMe Pro mascot Ivy whom the kids (and adults adored!)
We passed out glasses at our Back 2 School Bash and will be doing so again this July along with backpacks and school supplies.

These glasses make the kids feel special and deserving.  They frequently comment that they have never had anything as nice as these glasses.

A while back I met with the WearMe Pro team and they had some great ideas to help out Arizonans for Children.  They brought over a box of sun glass boxes for the children that have visits at the Phoenix Visitation Center to decorate.  They gave the kids full creative license and let their imagination run wild!

These unique boxes are part of the WearMe Pro Kind Collection!  
From the WearMe Pro Facebook page:
"We are proud to announce our Kind Collection! If you purchase from our kind collection your sunglasses will arrive in a box decorated by children from the Arizonans for Children organization. 
The children who decorated these boxes for you are between the ages of 3-16, with different personalities and interests. They all have gone through difficult times being separated from their families, that is why we are so passionate about helping them out in any way we can. 
We were touched to see how much effort these children put into this project and we sure you will enjoy and appreciate them too!"

If all of that wasn't amazing enough....WearMe Pro has funded a "sensory path" for the Arizonans for Children Phoenix Visitation Center!

We are looking for a group of creative volunteers that can create the images for the path then paint them in fun bright colors.  Something like this:

Our path will be outside leading from the parking lot to the playground.  It will be a path the kids can play on and parents can engage with conversation starters along the way. 

If you have a group that can take this project on please email az4children.laura@gmail.com

We are changing lives every single day at Arizonans for Children and Helping Families Heal thanks to community connections like WearMe Pro!

To learn more about Arizonans for Children find us at:


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