Helping Families Heal - AZ Tax Credit at Work

Imagine.....being removed from your family and your home. Being taken away from everything you know. Maybe you could grab something that is important to you, maybe not. Imagine seeing your parents taken away by law enforcement. Imagine the trauma in your life that brought you to this place in time. The stress, the worry, the uncertainty, the emotions.
Now imagine as if you are that child the first time you see your parents and siblings after all of that happened. You are in a different home with new rules, new foods, a new place to sleep, new school, surrounded by new everything.

The Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers are places where families in foster care come while working towards reunification. The centers are judgement free - we don't know what brought the family to this point and that is OK, we don't need to know. What we do know if that the time at the centers allow for happy memories to be created. Memories that can help heal the trauma that brought the kids into foster care. Even if reunification never happens, the memories created will last a life time.
If you have not claimed the 2018 AZ Tax Credit you can until April 15, 2019. A tax credit is a dollar for dollar credit off what may be owed to the state of Arizona. $500 if you file single and $1000 if you file a joint return. You can claim the credit for 2019 too!

The tax credit for foster care is different than the working poor, public school and private school tax credits and you can claim them all!

100% of all tax credit contributions goes directly towards children's programs. 100%
You decide where your tax dollars go. You can help families heal!

Alone you can be the difference....together we can change the world!


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