International Women's Day 2019 - Arizonans for Children

Today is International Women's Day. Arizonans for Children has the most genuine, determined, kind, passionate group of women! Every day these ladies come up with new ways to Help Families Heal; their ingenuity is beyond noteworthy.
When this group identifies an issue they take the steps to ensure all needs are met.
We work hard, we care, we are methodical and consistent, we smile and laugh, we are wacky on Wednesdays and celebrate every occasion with the families we serve. We are Arizonans for Children!
This group of women....I am truly honored to be surrounded by them! Thank you all for all you do!
Kaye McCarthy - Founder and President
Andrea Chavez - Director of Supervised Visits
Pamela Woods - Supervised Visits Coordinator
Belen Lopez - Supervised Visits Assistant
Monique Quinones - Tutor/Mentor Outreach Coordinator
Paige Deist-Goranson - Visitation Center Coordinator
Each a piece of the puzzle that makes Arizonans for Children


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