Special Education Legal Assistance for Arizona Foster Youth with Disabilities

As I was giving Amanda with Arizona Center for Disability Law a tour of the Arizonans for Children Phoenix Visitation Center yesterday we passed this mom and her little one snuggling while watching a movie.  Our Visitation Centers are the perfect place to help families heal.  
Mom and baby bonding while the case aid monitors their interactions.  

One of my goals is to have classes and workshops for the parents as they work towards reunification.  As I spoke with Amanda yesterday about an event we have coming up where she is presenting I asked if she could share the information with the parents at our centers.  As Amanda explained the educational legal rights of children with disabilities within the foster care system and the role that their bio parents can have; I realized that there was a lot I did not know and it made me wonder if the parents are aware? 

The good news, this is what Amanda does!  She is looking at her calendar now and we are coming up with dates and times that will work.  We will have the presentation so that parents can attend prior to their visits with their children.  

For more information:
Special Education Legal Assistance for Arizona Foster Youth with Disabilities

Amanda is presenting at The Arizonans for Children Renew, Refresh, Recruit event on April 6th.  She will be talking about how to educationally advocate for a child in foster care with a disability to our volunteer hosts and mentors.  If you would like to attend this event please email az4children.laura@gmail.com

Self-Care is a priority and necessity - not a luxury - in the work that we do.

If you would like to find out more about volunteer opportunities with Arizonans for Children, or how to advocate for a foster child's educational needs if they have a disability - please RSVP to Laura at az4children.laura@gmail.com 

We still have room for presenters if you have a self care technique or educational component you would like to share.

Together we are changing lives!


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