Mentor Visit Highlights - Help Clear the Wait List!

Arizonans for Children Mentors are amazing people that just simply care.  These volunteers pick their mentee up, a mentee is a child in foster care, and take them out in to the community.  They explore, they discover, they bond and they heal.

8 hours a month and a year commitment to the child changes lives!  Both the mentee as well as the Mentor.

From Mentors Eric and Suzy:

"This week with our Big Mentee - Batting Cages, Hot Wings, a Museum, Books, and blue Ice Cream!
We started at D-BAT Mesa for some batting practice, our little buddy loves soccer, but wanted to give the batting cages a try, fun stuff.
Next stop, refueling at Native New Yorker Gilbert & the 60, little buddy loves hot wings.
Then we went to the Arizona Museum of Natural History - pretty amazing place, I've lived in Mesa a long time, but have never been there. Our buddy loved the dinosaurs, the panning for gold, the jail, and the Arizona in the movies section - where Suzy attempted to explain that movies are a series of photographs.
Next stop Bookmans Entertainment Exchange for some more books for our developing bookworm. We got some great news this week, our little buddy got all A's & B's on his report card!
Last stop, Cold Stone Creamery, for some blue ice cream to celebrate.
Another fun day with a Mentee!

From Mentor Kathy:

" “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
Today my dear friend Pamela Culp and I ventured to The Children’s Museum in Phoenix with Master Mentee and his brother via the light rail. During the past year we bonded with Master Mentee. Now the bond is forming with his brother. These boys did not ask to be born into a life where their rights would be severed with their birth mother or to grow up in foster care. They only ask for love, trust, and someone’s time. Volunteering a minimum of 8 hours a month does make a difference in the life of a child in the foster care system. Arizonans for Children makes that difference happen. 💖

Part of what sets these Mentors apart is that they have 2 mentees each.  Today we have over 100 children that are waiting for a Mentor.  These volunteers have taken on a sibling to their mentee so that the kids can develop the special bond between and Mentor and mentee, a relationship that allows the child to heal, to know that there is someone out there that cares about them and is committed to spending time with them.

8 hours a  month and a year commitment to the child.  

I believe that people want to help they just need to know how.  If you would like to start the process of becoming a Mentor please visit:

Would you please hang a flyer for the Mentor Program?  

In the North Valley - Monique is the Mentor Outreach Coordinator - 

In the West Valley - Jeff is the Mentor Outreach Coordinator -

In the East Valley - Tim is the Mentor Outreach Coordinator -

Where can you hang a flyer?

Your Company
Your job
Your church
Your neighborhood
Your grocery store
Your gym
Your club
Your golf course
Your favorite coffee shop
Your favorite restaurant
Your day care
Your local businesses
Your social media sites

Where else?

Share where you post a flyer so we can let everyone know which businesses and who in our community if ready to help clear the wait list!

You can help these kids go from statistic 2 success!


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