What a weekend at Arizonans for Children! Technology, technology and more technology!

What a weekend at Arizonans for Children!  Technology, technology and more technology!

We were very fortunate to be part of AZ Give Camp's Hack-a-Thon where teams of developers volunteer their time and expertise to engineer solutions for non-profits.  The hack-a-thon started Friday afternoon at 3:00pm and went all the way until Sunday at 4:00pm!

Thanks to my new best friend Chris Huie, Arizonans for Children participated in this fantastic opportunity.  Our team Tomas, Mandy and Cindy listened to our agency needs, tossed ideas around and came up with the perfect solution.  This team developed an electronic check-in system that will offer faster check in and out times that will translate into more quality time spent on a visit for the families using the centers. This new system also tracks the data creating seamless reports while respecting and protecting the confidentiality of our clients.  All of this was done with the knowledge that cost  is always a factor in non-profits and the system they have created has zero costs to deploy and maintain.

I cannot wait to roll out the new electronic check-in system at the Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers!!  

We also had a fantastic STEM Pi-oneer class for kids in the foster care system.  Our conference room was full of kids, their Arizonans for Children Mentors, CASA's and volunteers; people that genuinely care about these kids and improving their lives.  Without these dedicated volunteers these children would likely miss out on this fantastic opportunity and the ability to learn about coding, programming, internet safety and security but most valuable - they will get to take the entire computer system with them once the class is finished.
These kids will have the ability to do their school assignments and homework.

Ron with MCSO stopped by our STEM class to talk to the kids about career options in law enforcement with MCSO.  Did you know that with a high school diploma or GED at 18 years old careers are available as a detention officer?  Fantastic pay with full benefits.  A real sustainable career path something a child aging out of the foster care system will need.

Ron patiently answered a variety of questions while holding our youngest volunteer - Charles.

Next year at the AZ Give Camp Hack-a-Thon I hope to have the ability to bring the kids from our STEM Pi-oneer class to the event to see exactly what the skills they are learning can accomplish.  Dreaming big!

If you would like to learn more about AZ Give Camp visit -  https://www.azgivecamp.org

Interested in volunteering?  email az4children.laura@gmail.com 


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