Thank you Author Susan Stoltz and Pygmy Giraffe Publishing!


You know it is going to be a wonderful day when you hear from a local author that she has some of her books to share with the kids at the Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers!

Thank you Susan R. Stoltz and Pygmy Giraffe Publishing for such a generous donation to the children we serve, kids in the foster care system.
These books are beautiful and the kids are going to LOVE them. To be able to have their own copies to take with them is wonderfully healing. Something of their very own that can easily move with them from placement to placement.

That they will get the books while they have visits with their parents and siblings creates memories that heal.

Would you like to volunteer to read stories to the families on site?  email and ask to be part of the Arizonans for Children STAR (Story Time and Reading) program.


What an extra special day it is at the Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers!  The kids having visits each get to choose and take a book with them thanks to a generous donation from local author Susan Stoltz and Pygmy Giraffe Publishing!

The children come to our centers to spend time with their parents and siblings while they are in the foster care system.  Often times coming to our center is the first time a child has seen their parents since what ever trauma brought them into the foster care system.  Can you imagine a small child trying to process the emotions that go along with that?
Today we have books to give the kids.  Books that will act as a way to connect and bond.  Reading a story together gives the kids enough of a barrier and something to focus on without having to process all the changes in their lives.  

These books will become something tangible that the children can hold and keep with them as a healthy reminder of their family and the happy times they spend together at our centers.  These books help families heal!

In this picture siblings each choose a book to take with them as they leave going to separate foster placements.  The older brother said "think about me when you look at the pictures", his little sister is to young to read the words.

In this picture one of our visitation center volunteers comforts a child as the visit ends by reading the story.

Together we are helping families heal, THANK YOU!


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