Goat Yoga!

What do you get when you combine kids in foster care, goats and yoga? A wonderfully good time! Super BIG Thanks to Lil Goat Town for introducing the children we serve to your goats and yoga. The sunset was stunning, the goats hilarious and the laughter heart warming.
This has to have been one of my very favorite events EVER!


The calming serenity of yoga coupled with the hilarity of the goats and the sunset on the beach sand, tiki torches surrounding the area - this was an evening the kids (and a staff, a board member and all the mentors) will never forget.  

There are times when I've talked to the kids in foster care as we interview them to match them with a volunteer Mentor when the kids cannot remember the last time they laughed.  Thanks to Lil Goat Town their laughter echoed through the desert.  This memory will last a life time and how healing is that?


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