Kindness Rocks at Arizonans for Children!

A Volunteer dropped off a fantastic bag of Kindness Rocks at the Arizonans for Children Phoenix Visitation Center.
Arizonans for Children gets Kindness Rocks decorated and donated by our community to have at both of our Visitation Centers. The centers are for families to have visits while the children are in foster care. These types of rocks are a wonderful way to give the families something tangible to hold and keep while working through the reunification process.
The rocks we hide, the kids love to try to find them with their parents and siblings. A perfect way to bond and engage.
We have been collecting a great amount of Kindness Rocks for the Mesa Visitation Center so it was absolutely wonderful to get some for the Phoenix Visitation Center!

Thanks to our community for adding kindness to our Visitation Centers!

Would like to make some kindness rocks and bring them to the Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers for the families to discover?
Or do you have some rocks and paint? Pick a day and time to come to one of the centers and decorate kindness rocks with the families!

In a world where you can be anything - be kind!


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