Wells Fargo Celebration Day at Arizonans for Children

Kids in foster care miss out on a lot of special occasions with their family.  Today Wells Fargo volunteers hosted a "Celebration Day" for the families visiting the Arizonans for Children Mesa Visitation Center.

These volunteers celebrated with a little one that turns 8 on Wednesday and her family.  They played party games with everyone on site and dished up ice cream and cake.  There were a lot of happy memories made this afternoon by some folks that care enough to take a couple hours out of their day.

Arizonans for Children has 2 Visitation Centers where kids in foster care come to spend time with their parents and siblings in a fun, warm, comforting and safe environment.  Happy times like a Celebration Day all kids to create new memories of time with their parents and that allows them to heal from what ever trauma brought them in to the foster care system.  

We could not do what we do without volunteers so thank you Wells Fargo for making this Monday special!  Today you helped families heal!


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