Volunteer Opportunities Abound at Arizonans for Children!

 On a typical Saturday at Arizonans for Children our community comes together to volunteer to Help Families Heal.

On 9/15/2018 we had volunteers at our Phoenix Visitation Center set up a variety of board games and encourage the families on site to play and engage.

"It's "Family Game Day" at Arizonans for Children! From Connect Four to Chutes & Ladders to Candy Land...good old fashion fun on a hot, hot day!
It started with an idea from Mikaela and Tracey executed it! Our interns are finding ways to make a difference. Parents and children are conversing, laughing, and creating new memories. Have a beautiful weekend!" posted on Facebook by our Director of Supervised Visits Andrea Chavez

There were 2 volunteer projects happening today at the Arizonans for Children MEC (Mesa Education Center).
The Arizonans for Children STEM Pi-oneer program utilizes Raspberry Pi technology to give kids in foster care access to technology.  Today we had our "Scratch" workshop.  Scratch is a visual programming language that is a fantastic started coding language that uses drag and drop programming.

Exploring Scratch at the Arizonans for Children MEC - Mesa Education Center.
These kids, children in foster care, thrive with just a little attention and are like sponges soaking up the knowledge.

The MEC also had a fantastic workshop on overcoming trauma and betrayal something every child in foster care can benefit from.  Buffalo Queen - Noel speaks from the heart offering ways to get out of your head and being in tune with you boundaries.
Today we were lucky and had a guest speaker attend!  Melody - Ms. World Universe 2018 shared how she got to this point in her life.  It was a powerful message of accepting your value and giving yourself hope.

You can find out more about the Buffalo Queen at:

Today a newly matched Mentor couple had their first visit with their mentee!  In Eric's words:
"Day #1 with our new Mentee!
We started out at the Freedom Boardshop - lessons learned included sticking to a budget, seeking out expert advice, hands on mechanical skills, and the value of a custom product.
Then we headed to the Musical Instrument Museum, that place is amazing. 
We got a good look at instruments from around the world, we got to hit a BIG Gong, and Suzy attempted to explain the importance of John Denver & Elvis.
Then we headed over to Cornish Pasty for some good eats!
Here we learned about different cultures and cuisines, and why it's important to tip waitstaff.
Excellent Day #1
Tim Lidster - he's such a great kid and a perfect fit, thank you."

There are so many ways to be the difference and Help Families Heal!  Have an idea?  Want more information?


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