How Much Does it Cost to Change a Life? 8 Hours a Month

One of my favorite parts of my job is seeing the Mentor visit posts and updates.  I so enjoy reading over Mentor logs and hearing about the changes in the kids lives.  Sometimes they are very uplifting and sometimes I'll need to offer some guidance but either way having a consistent person in the child's life changes them.  It gives the kids a restored hope, they start to believe in something.

If you have joined the Arizonans for Children Facebook Group  than you have seen Mentor Kathy and her Master Mentee.  Kathy was matched with her mentee in May 2017 and their relationship continues to grow right along with her mentees confidence and exuberance for life.
This past weekend Kathy took her Master Mentee to the i.d.e.a. museum in Mesa.  Arizona is full of wonderful museums and activities that a Mentor can explore with their mentee!

In Kathy's words:
 "A morning at the museum with Master Mentee! This week he turned 7 years old! Happy Birthday Master Mentee, Happy Birthday to you!🎉🎂💫 Arizonans for Children needs mentors. 8 hr per month commitment. Volunteer. You can make a difference in the life of a child in foster care. ❤️"

Having a Mentor changes the kids lives.  I believe it also changes the Mentors life.  

Eric and Suzy were matched with their mentee just a couple weeks ago.  Eric shared their adventure:

"We started out by fueling up at Chompies, and planning our day. (The best place for Bagels according to this guy)
Next stop, Goodwill in Scottsdale for a little donation - discussed the importance of donations and how Goodwill works. And Suzy bought some Halloween stuff that I'm pretty sure we donated last year...…/weber-dr-scottsdale-road/…
Then we headed to CrackerJax! Time for some fun & bonding. Our buddy wowed us with his batting and Air Hockey skills! We also raced the go karts, got a little wet in the bumper boats, and tried out the Bungee Dome.
We were hungry enough after that to hit Blaze Pizza for some good eats, our little buddy loves Pizza.
Next stop, PetSmart! We picked up 500lbs of kibble to drop off at the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control on Rio Salado. We got two of our puppers here, so this place is special to us. We talked to our buddy about the importance of caring for pets & about how ALL of the food for the animals comes from donations.
Last stop, Joe's Italian Ice, we needed a little desert after all that!
Another great day with our Mentee."

The life lessons, allowing the child to experience things kids outside of foster care get to....Changing lives!  

The first step to becoming a Mentor is to fill out a Volunteer Application.

How much does it cost to change a life?  8 hours a month


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