Commitment, Caring, Compassion and Consistency

Commitment, Caring, Compassion and Consistency

The Arizonans for Children Director of Supervised Visits Andrea Chavez became a Mentor 2 years ago.  For 2 years she has been the only constant in her mentees life.  Visits are harder to coordinate now that the child has changed placements again but Andrea's commitment hasn't ever wavered.  

In Andrea's words:
"One of my interns asked me this past week for a quote of what drew me to become a Mentor to a kiddo in foster care for his class presentation.
"I had to put aside my fear of the 1 year commitment required of the Tutor/Mentor Program and know that my impact would be greater."
I met my Mentee 2 years ago today, her birthday. Today, she turned 14 years old.
On my way to drop her off at her foster home today, she told me she'll probably "age out" living at the foster home. Happy birthday little lady, my hope is you'll be a stronger person because of this experience. 💔
The drive home was a blur.
My Mentee is one of thousands of kiddos in care. Reach out if you want to make an impact. ❤️."

The pictures above were from Andrea and her mentees visit this past weekend.  
The pictures below are from a visit 2 years ago:

Thank you Andrea for being there for this young lady.  With her newest placement being an hour plus drive each way we know it can't be easy to make the time.  You are a true hero and an inspiration.  

If you would like to be the difference in the life of a child in foster care, please start the process by filling out a Volunteer application:


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