Franklin Fitness Fiesta 2018!

Arizonans for Children was thrilled to partner with MCSO and Franklin Police and Fire High School today to have the first Franklin Fitness Fiesta for kids in foster care.

Did you know there is a high school in Phoenix that focuses on Police and Fire?

It was a beautiful sunny day that started off with yummy pastries provided by Cafe' Valley Bakery!  Then the kids learned a bit about the school and what the days look like for the students.

Seriously - how cute is this little guy in turn out gear?

"Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn."

The kids separated into groups and participated in timed fitness activities.  

Team tire lift and carry.  Kids that have never met each other before had to work together to lift and carry the tire the length of the parking lot.  They were amazed at how they could easily do it when working together as a team.

They did the obstetrical course.

The tire flip looked easier to the kids than it actually was.

Fire hose drag and return, breaking down a door,  medicine ball toss and more!

The tire drag was a challenge but once the kids listened to the student leaders they excelled at this!

It was a fantastic surprise when Sheriff Penzone stopped by.  For a lot of children in the foster care system they have an innate fear of law enforcement.  What ever trauma brought them in to the system very likely had police involvement.  The kids got to talk to Sheriff Penzone today, ask questions and shake his hand.  He asked the kids questions and listened when they answered - that alone is very powerful for these kids.

None of this would have been possible without the support of Ron, Isidro and Erica from MCSO and Principle Cabrera and all of the staff and student volunteers at Franklin Police and Fire High School.

If you have foster children that can benefit from events like the Franklin Fitness Fiesta - email Laura at to be added to the email group for events and activities.

For more information about Arizonans for Children, the programs we have as well as volunteer opportunities please visit


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