Donation from the Heart!

One of the most loved and used toys at the Arizonans for Children Phoenix Visitation Center are the Little Tikes cars. Hundreds of kids play with them every week, kids in foster care and children with supervised visits.

Yesterday we received a donation of 4 new cars!! These came from a family that had visits at our center and the father said during a time when everyone was against him he was happy to come where he felt safe and that everyone was neutral. He loves that families have a place like Arizonans for Children to come to.
The 4 new cars are ready to help create healing memories, the 4 these replaced are now living on the playground for families to enjoy outside.

So many healing memories made!  
From babies cruising around to older kids racing their siblings throughout the center.  

As much as these cars are loved at the Arizonans for Children Phoenix Visitation Center we do not have any at our Mesa Visitation Center.  These cars last forever so if you have a gently loved Cozy Coupe or any other Little Tikes toy - please think of Arizonans for Children.


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