National Stop Bullying Day

Children in foster care are often bullied. Every time they change a placement, every time they start a new school, every new environment they become can be targets of bullying.
Arizonans for Children Mentors become the one person in a child in foster care can depend on to not bully them. They are the person that takes this child out of the foster placement offering respite, compassion and caring. These Mentors stick with the child from placement to placement.

Parents working towards reunification are often shamed and harassed....bullied.
The Arizonans for Children Visitation Centers are judgement free spaces that allow the parents, children and siblings bond without shame and or embarrassment.

Today is National Stop Bullying Day - Today and everyday at Arizonans for Children we demonstrate this with zero gossip tolerance policies, no threats or reprimands. We offer a safe judgement free atmosphere every single day for everyone that walks in our doors.

Together we are the difference.


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