Thank you Paul with PEM!

The Arizonans for Children STEM Pi-oneers class was lucky to have Paul with PEM attend and talk with the kids, kids in foster care last week.  Paul sat right with the kids and talked to them and listened to them offering valuable life lessons.

The kids in class are good kids in a bad situation.  They did not chose to be in foster care.  They have been bounced around from placement to placement, school to school, family to group home.  
To have someone to listen to them, actually hear what they have to say was powerful and healing.  It gave the kids a sense of value-that what they had to say and could contribute was important.  

Within 15 minutes of the class ended I had calls asking when Paul would be back next.  That is pretty telling of the impact his conversation had.  

Thank you Paul for being there and listening to these kids and sharing your knowledge and experience.  

There is always a way to make a difference. All you have to do is care.


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