Saturday at Arizonans for Children

Saturdays are largely the busiest day for visits at Arizonans for Children and yesterday was packed at the Phoenix Visitation Center but not just with visits but a plethora of activities!

On a raining Saturday without access to the playground, the families we so happy to see Geno come in the door!  They danced to The Time Wrap and did all kids of fun moves to Halloween themed songs.  It was absolutely FANTASTIC!

Geno - Let's do the Time Warp again!


The winning Mentor/mentee Little Library theme team came by to start the painting process for our new Community Little Library.  Theme: Books Keep Imagination Going.

The Mentor and mentee did a fantastic job of illustrating and bringing this library to life. I cannot wait to see the final project!!

The Arizonans for Children STEM Pi-oneers class was happy to learn about the various brain parts and functions before they started to learn the programming language Python.

Despite the rain this was an incredible day at the Visitation Center!


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